Atelier Melka Featured in the Preiser Column
by Monty and Sara Preiser
(February 2016)

We are converted. Philippe Melka knows how to make ‘em.

Though we have enjoyed many Melka wines over the years, we really didn’t realize how many until we attended the Atelier Melka Portfolio tasting. Featuring at least 18 wineries, all of them able to boast about their beautiful wines, Philippe proved to us that his legendary status is earned and deserved. Who was there with terrific products? ADAMSV, Alejandro Bulgheroni, Brand, Davis, Entre Nous, Fairchild, Lail, Melka, Moone-Tsai, Parallel, Perfect Season, Raymond, Roy, Seavey, Skipstone, Vice Versa, and Vineyard 29. Quite the lineup.

Loam Baby: Philippe Melka
by Antonio Galloni from Vinous
(October 2015)

Loam Baby: Philippe Melka

Philippe Melka is one of the most respected wine consultants in the United States. Some of his clients, past and present, include Dana Estates, Moone-Tsai, Brand, Hundred Acre, Dalle Valle and Bryant Family Vineyards, to name just a handful. When I sat down to chat with Philippe Melka earlier this year, I felt I should apologize to him for some inexplicable reason, for an article that had appeared in the Wall Street Journal about wine consultants just prior to our interview. The journalist who wrote the piece seemed more focused on the number of clients each consultant had, and how much money they were earning, than on the actual day-to-day nuts and bolts of the services they provide clients.

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Out of The Shadows
by Matt Villano from The Napa Sonoma Magazine
(June 2015)

Out of The Shadows With his own label and winery in the works, Philippe Melka finally takes the spotlight.

Over the past 20 years, Philippe Melka has consulted on dozens of top labels—including Dana Estates, Vineyard 29, Lail, and Brand. He has received several 100-point scores from The Wine Advocate and been named by Robert Parker as one of the top nine wine consultants in the world.

Melka has established a reputation as a soil whisperer, a brilliant blender, and a titan of terroir. He uses data and analytics to get the most out of every one of his sites. But because he has spent most of his career making wines for other people, few—if any—consumers seem to even know the guy’s name.

This is about to change...

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Into WineTop 100 Most Influential U.S. Winemakers
by Michael Cervin from (July 2013)

Phillippe Melka, Number 1!

1-Phillipe Melka Is one of the most in-demand red winemakers working today. Melka, whose list of clients includes highly regarded producers such as Seavey, Quintessa and Vineyard 29 is not following in anyone's footsteps. Trained in Bordeaux but passionate about California, this Frenchman has his own take on Napa Cabernet and cut his teeth at Chateau Haut-Brion, Badia O Coltibuono (Italy), Chateau Petrus (France) and Chittering Estate (Western Australia). Realizing the potential of Napa he’s dedicated his life’s work to consulting and eventually starting Melka Wines. Other consulting projects have included Gemstone, Dominus Estate, Cliff Lede, Hundred Acre, Parallel, Moone-Tsai, Dana Estates, and Lail Vineyards. Though Melka remains somewhat under the radar, his influence is apparent in his fingerprints being at more wineries than anyone else.

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Napa Valley RegisterPremiere Napa Valley: 'The truth is in the tasting'
by L. Pierce Carson from the Napa Valley Register
(March 2013)

Philippe Melka maintains vintage 2011 will be described as one with "great personality."

While such a terse descriptor could mask any or all of that harvest's defects, winemaker Melka uses it instead to underscore the brightness, the depth, the balance of the wines from that cool, quirky growing season.

He admits that early October rains in 2011 were not welcome. Yet he was buoyed by the warm sun that "dried things out and concentrated flavors" in the early November that followed.

"If you know what you're doing and your vineyards were in the right spot, you now have some really good wine aging in barrels," the winemaker and consultant to many of the valley's small brands readily snapped up in today's marketplace...

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